Lacquer test stands


Double test stand switchable

  • CEP – basin and rinsing basin with transport system
  • Data recording by screen writer (on-line observation over Ethernet)
  • Central control unit for all secondary aggregates
  • Power supply unit with variable coating programs
  • Measuring data: Current, voltage, coulomb, resistance, time, hold for coulomb and rest current
  • CEP basin 60 l with circulation, heating cooling system, pond edge exhaust (basin exchangeable)
  • Painting in a beaker 5 l after using a adapter
  • Rinsing basin with hand shower and dip rinsing or spray rinsing and blowing zone
  • Collection pan Auffangwanne for each test stand
  • Paint drying cabinet for each test stand


CEP-coating 65 l basin with drying cabinet

  • Screen recorder
  • Rectifier SVI 5020 (500V; 20A)
  • Heating cooling aggregate
  • Protective casing with transport system
  • High-speed clamping device for testpanels
  • Circulate device adjustable
  • CEP – basin and spray basin 65 l
  • pond edge exhaust
  • VE – Water treatment




Standard laboratory equipment

  • Rectifier 500V / 20A or 50A with program control
  • Laboratory bench with protective casing and lift gate with safety interlock
  • Automatic lifting device with vertical linear guide for test panels with High-speed clamping mechanism for
    • hash-marks-test VDA 621-194
    • L-effect-test VDA 621-188
    • Wrap-around-test VDA 621-180
  • Basin sizes 5 – 20 l with circulation, Heating cooling system, anolyt box, pre-resistor


Pilot plant

Mobile CEP-plantfor paint demonstration in automobile works and suppliers (plates e.g. trunk lid, hood, fender, axles, wheels can be painted for demonstration purposes at the customer).


Pilot plant with Ultrafiltration.

Storage tank, diptank 2 X 2000 l.