Laboratory plant with pretreatment


  • Consists of fully automatic working transport system for goods carriers with energy supply
  • All parameters variable changeable and in own programs storable
  • 12 different basins, pretreatment, CEP coating and subsequent treatment
  • Data recording by screen writer (on-line observation over Ethernet)
  • Power supply unit with variable coating programs

Measuring data: Current, voltage, coulomb and time and much more

  • CEP basin 35 l with circulation, heating cooling system, pond edge exhaust (basin exchangeable)
  • Spray rinsing basin and dip rinsing basin for different mediums and blow basin
  • Pretreatment basin with circulation
  • Collection pan for the whole plant


CEP-coating 5 l basin wiht 9 pretreatment basins a 12l.


CEP-coating 20 l basin wiht 5 pretreatment basins a 20l.


CEP-coating 25 l basin wiht 9 pretreatment basins a 25l.